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Faraway Lands: Rise of Yokai is a fantasy colony simulation game set in Feudal Japan.Build your town, gather resources, explore new lands, trade with other cities and defend your town against the risen Yokai threat!

Key Features

  • Build your town from ground up with various building types and decorations
  • Attract people with randomized traits to your town
  • Grow various fruits and vegetables, chop wood, mine shiny ores, take care of animals and fish
  • Build a ship and explore the world, trade with other cities, fight pirates and monsters
  • Train various soldiers with unique abilities
  • Clear the dungeon from enemies, find new ores to mine, discover treasures
  • Gain research points and use them to learn new abilities or improve existing ones
  • Build towers, position your army, and defend your town for as long as you can against the Yokai threat!

Let's Be Friends

I am a solo developer working on the project.But who says it has to be lonely?Join our community to chat and discuss the development of the game!

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